Innovative transcranial Doppler.

Over the past twenty-five years, atys medical company has been producing portable transcranial doppler that is well functioning and reliable. Also known as wakle, the product is sold globally, representing an essential technological advancement in the current system. The modern portable transcranial doppler offers everything in full service as expected. Further checkouts and research allow the fitting of robotic probes that help in facilitating the search for signals, stability improvement, and the quality of the product. The models that keep on coming result in the making a range of various wakles to attain all the user’s requirements best.

More about the wakle.

1. Assists in finding doppler signals.

• Displaying the signals in a motion mode display makes it easier to notify.
• Apart from having the primary spectrum, this device also displays eight different ranges to visualize the depth of the blood flow.
• One signal detected is enough to get all the velocities from the various depths with this device.

2. Robotic doppler reviews

With already having a large selection of convention quality probes, this device offers 1.6 MHz and 2MHz robotic probes that come with extra benefits. These benefits include;
• The search of a doppler signal is increased and fastened with an advanced feature requiring less dependence from the user. The probe works in scanning almost all possibilities of orientations as it tends to position itself to the corresponding strongest signal.
• It provides the perfect conversation signals over long periods. In that, the probe’s orientation is automatically readjusted when the quality of the signal starts decreasing.

3. How it is applied in clinics.

1. Routine diagnosis.
• It is currently applied in covid-19 treatment.
• Used on ischemic transient attacks.
• Over the years, it has been found helpful in managing stroke.
• When a patient experiences subarachnoid hemorrhage (internal bleeding on the space that surrounds your brain) or vasospasm (when the arteries start to narrow due to persistent contraction of blood vessels), the device is used to diagnose the problem and find the solution.
• Used for patients facing malformations from the arteriovenous.
• Used in finding the capacity of collateral in the body.
• Used on brain death cases.
• Used in patients who have just experienced a traumatic brain injury.

2. Special tests.
• Performs a PFO test (patent foramen ovale)
• Does autoregulation.
• Tests how long you can hold your breath.
• Tests if your brain is dead.
• Tests for sickle cell diseases.
3. What it monitors non-stop.
• Monitors your cerebral in the body.
• Detects emboli.
• Monitors endarterectomy
• It continuously monitors all Intracranial pressures.
• Monitors your intraoperative records.
• Monitors how you hold your breath.
• Monitors every autoregulation of cerebral blood flow in the body.
Detecting Emboli
Emboli is either clotting, a fatty deposit or air bubbles seen in the bloodstream leading to a vessel that causes embolism. The software used in detecting emboli is highly reliable and efficient to the user guaranteeing a quick check and validating the detected events.

In conclusion.


The portable transcranial doppler is a compact design that is very light when carrying around. It has an operational battery mode that provides maximum service.